CIYO: Personal and leadership development program

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Oct. 31, 2023
When? November 16-19, 2023
Where? St. Ekaterina Hotel - Ribaritsa, Bulgaria

Coming Into Your Own (CIYO) is a personal and leadership development
program for women who are interested in engaging in a process of reflection, exploration, and regeneration in order to step into the lives they were born to lead. We are all leaders in our own lives, whether this is professional, in our families, or in our wider circles of influence.

The price includes pre- and post-program coaching and all program materials. Inclusive of all meals and soft drinks paid directly to venue on arrival as well as 3 nights of accommodation. It excludes travel costs which are for own account.

If you are interested in joining, please contact Lucy Malcheva at

CIYO is a personal journey and starts with a pre-program coaching call a month before the residential program to prepare individuals to participate fully. At Ribaritsa we will gather to focus on each participant’s individual journey and her current opportunities, challenges, and transitions. Individual and collective strengths are harnessed to reframe the current situation and to access and release untapped potential.

> Explore development cycles unique to women – discovering where you are and where you are heading.
> Draw on and shed light on your personal life story which has brought you to this juncture.
> Understand the archetypal dimensions of yourself and in relationship with others both personally and professionally.
> Experience a unique symbols coaching process to identify current and emerging challenges from different perspectives.
> Gain clarity on dealing with barriers that stop you from harnessing your full power.
> Learn tools and practices to support you as you step into the new phase of your life.

"CIYO is a fantastic opportunity to pause and reflect on various aspects of your life guided along by wise and inspiring women in a very safe environment."
Nana Efua- Otoo,
CIYO Alumna UK

The Coming Into Your Own program was developed by The Ashland Institute
and the design, experimental, and research phases of this program were funded by the Fetzer Institute (USA). Dialogos and The Ashland Institute pioneered the collective Dialogic and Four Quarter frameworks and practices. For over 20 years the CIYO global faculty have been leading successful programs for women.


Nicola Shearer, Lead Faculty
I am a certified coach and international facilitator. I offer individual coaching, team coaching, and leadership development programs for Multinational Organisations across Asia Pacific, Europe, USA, and Africa. I have over 20 years of commercial and organization development experience living and working in the UK, China, Taiwan, South Africa, Sierra Leone, and Japan. As part of the CIYO global faculty since 2008, I have delivered CIYO programs in the UK, Netherlands, Turkey, Singapore, Japan, and Vietnam.

Lucy Malcheva, Apprentice Faculty
I have nearly two decades of management consulting experience and work with a wide range of clients to address customer strategy and marketing topics, with expertise in employee engagement and diversity and inclusion programs. I am a leader of gender parity initiatives and founder of the Women Inspiration Platform in Bulgaria. I regularly speak and participate in women's Leadership networking events and am an Apprentice Faculty member of the CIYO.

You can find out more about CIYO (Coming Into Your Own) on the international site of the organization, and you can read conversations with their leading facilitators on the pages of Women-Inspirations HERE.

Contact Lucy Malcheva at to reserve your spot today!