Radoslava Nenova

Radoslava Nenova graduates the Russian Language School in Rousse, Bulgaria and then settles in the capital – Sofia to start a Bachelor Degree in Audio-visual Arts. It is Art that inspires her and makes her happy. She seeks inspiration and travels the world. Radoslava meets her future husband - Boyan Petrov almost miraculously and that is how their 14-year long relationship begins. Their marriage is full of emotions, difficulties and extreme adventures on the highest worldpeaks. In 2018 Boyan disappears somewhere in the Tibetan snows underneath the Shishapangma peak. On the verge of emotional breakdown, Radoslava is forced cope with media and the gossip-seeking communities while organizing a rescue mission together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Life as she knows it suddenly collapses but she manages to endure and get back on her feet. One of her greatest achievements to date is organising one of the top mountain running competitions in Bulgaria. She even manages to turn it into a brand with help of true friends and supporters. As a result, the brand products are already in sale This way Radoslava finds that creating is her inner power. She believes that the best is yet to come and she has prepared more stories to share with us.
Радослава Ненова