Plan "To Be"

Bilyana Savova
Mai 26, 2021

It’s an interesting time to be alive. Challenging.  Disturbing. Evolutionary. Which path are we taking? Everyone decides for themselves. Personally, I choose To Be.

I have met a lot of people in the past few years. Some of them were in a really bad place, others – not that bad. And then there were the people who were in good physical health but at the same time knew that they wanted to change. Whether because they wanted to prevent themselves from different illnesses or just because they were looking for a better understanding of their bodies and minds. Or maybe because by changing themselves they want to help others see the true power of change…

Every time I meet people who have requested to meet me and are looking for support and advice to make the first step towards Change, our conversations always end the same way. They ask me if we could go through that process together. “Can’t we stay together for a few days? Can’t you show me how? It’s hard to go this way alone,” they say.

Yes, I know it is indeed hard. I know how strong motivation is needed to follow such strict rules and regimes – even if you have set them yourself.  I have put a lot of thought into figuring out what exactly would be the perfect formula for this type of gathering. And I finally figured it out.
This is my challenge. My transformational program. After the first three editions of 8for8, I immediately felt more sure of it and was truly happy with the results. For me, this is yet another step towards perfect health, a free spirit, and a calmer mind. I am beyond thankful to those who participated in the program – I am thankful for their radiant smiles and inspiring stories. And that’s exactly why I will keep on sharing. The same way I always have – sincere and frankly.

To those of you, who decide to trust me in the future – you will receive the most meaningful sharing – in silence and rhythm.

This, my friends, is the transformational program Plan To Be. The absolute essence of year-long practices and therapy sessions - part of my own experience - which you will experience in a 10-day period. The result will bring you a great feeling of accomplishment, good health, true happiness, and conscious love. Love, that you will redirect towards yourselves.

This is my answer to all these people that want us to do the first steps of change together.

Plan To Be is the beginning of the better part. The part in life that is yet to come tomorrow, but is formed today.

Because to Be, you don't necessarily have to forget who you are, and where you're going… To Be means being aware. Being here and now. Just To Be!

Bilyana Savova
Biliana Savova is the ideologue and visionary of the Plan to Be program, owner and creative director of Plan2B Creative Studio, longtime art director of EVA magazine, founder of the МС - Мога Сам Foundation. Winner of the awards "Woman of the Year, category Society / 2016", "Будител of 2018", "Inspirer / 2018".
Eleven years ago, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. This is why she began to search for new understandings of the body and psyche, as well as therapies to help her and activate her inner healing powers. For more than 5 years she has shared her experience with people who want to go down this path.
Lecturer in the seminars TEDxVitosha, "Freedom to be", forum "Longevity", as well as in several corporate motivational events. Every year, under the auspices of the МС - Мога Сам Foundation, she organizes summer seminars on various topics related to health. Her followers are many and most of them note serious changes and successes on the path to full health.