Petya Kolcheva

Petya Kolcheva is the first Bulgarian woman to ever climb the seven highest world peaks together with her husband – Kamen Kolchev. Details about her last expedition as well as some stories can be found on her personal blog.
The first 8-hundred peak she ever climbed is Cho Oyu (8201 m). Petya is also the first Bulgarian woman to climb Mount Everest (8848 m) in the year 2009. Regardless of all the expeditions, she’s been on, her favorite peaks are Malyovitsa (Rila), Todorka and Vihren (Pirin), Cherni vrah, Kominite and Reznyovete (Vitosha), Musala (Rila), and Botev (Stara Planina). In 2011 Petya Kolcheva publishes ‘In Everest’s Shadow’. She is a successful lawyer and mother of three wonderful children, that she often takes mount-climbing with her.
Петя Колчева