Lucy Malcheva

Lucy Malcheva is a Marketing specialist and head of her own Marketing agency – Right Image, founded a couple of years ago. This company is the manifestation of her long-lasting dream of being an entrepreneur and a leader, while still helping her clients in the best and effective way possible. Speaking of clients – her practice includes both leading Bulgarian and international companies.
On her way there she graduated from one of the first foreign universities established in Bulgaria. Her career started in the Marketing and Communications field by building up brand strategies for international companies yet entering the Bulgarian market. During her corporate career, she goes through many managerial positions in Marketing, Sales and Development and is also in charge not only of Bulgaria but also of Southeastern Europe, as well as companies in Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

As you can guess, she has experienced many difficulties becoming a leader in the man-dominated Marketing world. She believes that women are not less suitable for undertaking leaders’ positions in the business, for express themselves and be whatever they aspire to, despite all difficulties and stereotypes.

Lucy’s career path has introduced her to numerous very inspiring women from all around the world and these very friendships inspired her to create this blog with the right support.