Dorian Baroni

Executive Coach, Leadership Retreats Designer, Organizational Advisor, and Entrepreneur. "But basically, I am a lifelong learner whose business experience has spanned a variety of industries: investment banking, global energy, consumer goods, leadership consulting and art retail - and a number of countries: Italy, UK, US, Venezuela, Belgium," as she describes her practice. Dorian joined the business world in 1983 as part of her research into the impact of automation on Wall Street. As a graduate student at Columbia University and then as a management trainee at Morgan Stanley, she became intrigued by the potential for technology to significantly transform the dynamics of the industry. My professional working question was whether collaboration, trust, and transparency would be enhanced by the advent of information systems. Little did she knew at the time that automation might actually have the reverse effect on the investment banking industry's culture. And yet because of that early interest, she became thoroughly 'hooked' on a business career, and on discovering what it might take to create business cultures that produce financial rewards while enhancing the quality of life of employees, communities and customers.