Sep. 03, 2020
Wherever you are, whatever's happening, know that you can rise above all, you can revive and you can start your life all over again - even if you're not able to find meaning or the right way to do it at this point.

Whenever I thought I was losing everything, or I was actually losing something – a job, a close friend, a partner – or I had a health issue, I always had the feeling as if I was losing my whole life. But I always managed to go through this stuff thanks to the purest faith I have in myself; to my strength and hope. It’s important to remember that however hard one change is, it is always better to take that conclusive step towards it – if you are unhappy in e certain way, personally or professionally, before the particular situation has gotten too negative to handle. And we all get there at a certain point, trust me. So why wait for destiny to throw us out of where we obviously don’t belong?

There is always a way to keep going – as long as you’re alive and you have yourself – your body, mind, soul, and intuition, your precious and absolutely unique experience; your safe places; friends and family that you can talk to, and trust unconditionally.

Looking back and truly understanding that I’ve got my own back makes me realize that I have actually wanted and waited for ‘my’ changes to happen all along. But I’ve waited passively even though it was crystal clear I wasn’t happy at this particular moment. And, as I said, whenever you’re not following the path that was meant for you, destiny finds its ways to ‘throw you out’ of this lane you have mistakenly taken. Bad thing is, if it comes to that, it’s always harder to recover. There’s nothing more important than to stick with our instincts and feelings. Changes occur for our own good; they help us stay true to ourselves and find our own path.

First of all, we have to be aware of ourselves and what we really, truly want; why aren’t we happy? Of course, the most common reason is feeling unappreciated, unmotivated, lost; not feeling where we are supposed to be, nor with whom we are supposed to be.

What I can give as a piece of advice, I guess, is not to be that patient and sacrificial. If we sacrifice our true selves and the life we’re dreaming of, those who we’re doing it for will inevitably sense it as well. We won’t be fooling anyone but ourselves. We won’t be able to give them everything we want and can the way we could if we were feeling fulfilled and satisfied.

Decision making shouldn’t be based on fear. Each time I undertook a decision based on sheer fear, it turned out to be a big mistake and it took me a great deal of time to realize that.

Lucy Malcheva
Lucy Malcheva is a Marketing specialist and head of her own Marketing agency – Right Image, founded a couple of years ago. This company is the manifestation of her long-lasting dream of being an entrepreneur and a leader, while still helping her clients in the best and effective way possible. Speaking of clients – her practice includes both leading Bulgarian and international companies.
On her way there she graduated from one of the first foreign universities established in Bulgaria. Her career started in the Marketing and Communications field by building up brand strategies for international companies yet entering the Bulgarian market. During her corporate career, she goes through many managerial positions in Marketing, Sales and Development and is also in charge not only of Bulgaria but also of Southeastern Europe, as well as companies in Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

As you can guess, she has experienced many difficulties becoming a leader in the man-dominated Marketing world. She believes that women are not less suitable for undertaking leaders’ positions in the business, for express themselves and be whatever they aspire to, despite all difficulties and stereotypes.

Lucy’s career path has introduced her to numerous very inspiring women from all around the world and these very friendships inspired her to create this blog with the right support.