Bilyana Savova

Biliana Savova is the ideologue and visionary of the Plan to Be program, owner and creative director of Plan2B Creative Studio, longtime art director of EVA magazine, founder of the МС - Мога Сам Foundation. Winner of the awards "Woman of the Year, category Society / 2016", "Будител of 2018", "Inspirer / 2018".
Eleven years ago, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. This is why she began to search for new understandings of the body and psyche, as well as therapies to help her and activate her inner healing powers. For more than 5 years she has shared her experience with people who want to go down this path.
Lecturer in the seminars TEDxVitosha, "Freedom to be", forum "Longevity", as well as in several corporate motivational events. Every year, under the auspices of the МС - Мога Сам Foundation, she organizes summer seminars on various topics related to health. Her followers are many and most of them note serious changes and successes on the path to full health.