Transformative power of Kundalini Yoga – how to build a resilient happiness

Sada Sat Kaur
Jul 14, 2022

Experiencing real ashram life at Yoga Borgo, Umbria, Italy with Sada Sat Kaur, 30+ years of teaching Kundalini & Kirtan yoga.

Think of the movie that most of you have probably seen more than once, Eat, Pray and Love -- considered by many to be a cliché, to me it is a very instructive movie for simpletons at first look, but at the same time very effective steps that you need to pass "attraversiamo" (ital. through a difficult stage of changes in your life). It is no coincidence that going through the negative storm of divorce, the remedy for coping with a huge challenge and change for Julia Roberts turns out to be a combination of delicious food, sunny Italian streets, new friendships, and immersion in a new culture experienced in Italy, followed by isolation and total purifying prayer and meditations in an Indian ashram. Thus, the heroine (Julia Roberts) manages to "pass" through the pain of the past and feel the true happiness of "Being", and only then opens her heart again, and meets true love.

Through the impact of the unique delicious food and the warmth of the autumn sun rays, in the arms of inspiring views and the romance of the small Italian towns, combined with the healing, transformative power of Kundalini yoga and healing meditations and mantras, we will clear the accumulated negative experiences and emotions in us and we will awaken our life force and energy for a happy, loving, new life!

Especially for the transformative programs, part of the Women Inspirations platform, I created this multi-sensory program together with one of the longest-standing Kundalini Yoga teachers in Europe and the USA and my personal teacher and mentor of over 10 years, Sada Sat Kaur.

If you want to change some aspect of your life and you lack energy and vitality, you are emotionally blocked and don't know how to deal with the negative changes you are experiencing, or you just need something to unlock your hidden inner potential, which you cannot reach on your own, then Kundalini Yoga is for you.

Kundalini Yoga is designed for the modern man; for people who have to deal with challenges every day, such as holding down a job, raising a family, or growing a business. Kundalini Yoga is for anyone who wants to build the skills to successfully face the challenges of today and the New Age.

Practicing Kundalini Yoga balances the endocrine glands, strengthens the nervous system, and enables us to harness the energy of our consciousness and emotions so that we are in control of ourselves rather than being influenced by our thoughts and feelings. Kundalini Yoga techniques combine breathing, mudras, mantras, and asanas in an appropriate way to affect each one - mind, body, and soul.

More about the program:
September 21-26, 2022

The program includes:
  • daily Kundalini Yoga practices and meditations with Sada Sat Kaur
  • delicious vegetarian food from the gardens of Yoga Borgo and locally produced Italian cheeses and dairy products
  • yoga teas and lots of spring water
  • morning and afternoon practices, with time for self-reflection, reading, and rest or private conversations in the leisurely and relaxing greenery of Yoga Borgo's vast garden, amidst the beautiful Umbrian hills
  • you will enjoy the abundance of early autumn fruits and colors of Italy in the beautiful lands of Umbria, delicious food, a completely peaceful and sacred place on the ancient pilgrimage route, high in the mountains, under the trees, sound therapy and mantra healing
  • 5 nights in shared rooms
  • 4 full days of yoga, healing music, Ayurveda, vegetarian delicious food from the sunny gardens of Umbria, and homemade products from Tuscany, among the healing sounds of nature in the ancient lands of Umbria to and for pilgrims
  • an unforgettable experience of shared life in the Ashram, where everyone participates in the preparation of the food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and in shared care for the other participants and for the shared spaces for holding meditations and meals
Price: 795 euro per person (for early registration until 30.07.2022)
Price after 30.07.2022: 860 euro per person

The price does not include a plane ticket and transfer to and from Yoga Borgo. At the moment about 300 euros in total.

For even greater impact, during the meditations, and in individual sessions we will combine Kundalini yoga with selected essential oils that improve sleep, the state of the nervous system, emotional states, as well as a number of physical ones, including hormonal imbalance, glandular work with internal secretion, reduce stress levels and improve focus, concentration and communication.

Places are very limited, for more information or to sign up, you can email us at or contact us directly at 0888777814.
Your place is reserved only with a pre-paid 50% deposit. Registration deadline: August 10, 2022.

Sada Sat Kaur
Sada Sat Kaur has been a Kundalini Yoga teacher since 1970 when her passion for music and singing crossed paths with Kundalini Yoga and she began practicing and teaching Kundalini Yoga. Over the years to this day, Sega leads yoga retreats and trains Kundalini Yoga teachers all over the world. She has led sessions on White Tantric Yoga in front of several thousand audiences, including in India. In her courses and practices, Sada Sat Kaur uses the transformative energy and power of chanting, chanting, meditations, Kundalini Yoga, and practices specifically designed for women. She brings her deep knowledge of Kundalini and Naad Yoga to her teaching as well as to their acclaimed albums "Shashara", "Angels' Waltz" and "Mantra Masala".

Sada Sat Kaur is also a homeopath and her name is known in Yoga circles with alchemy to transform the ordinary day into a special art. For more than 30 years, she has traveled the world singing mantras and kirtans in ashrams, concert halls, schools, and parks. In India, the public surrounds her as if she were a Beatles-level star. "We play to crowds of 200,000 people," she says.

Sada Sat Kaur's Ashram, at Yoga Borgo, in beautiful Umbria, Italy becomes a home where she, along with her beloved wife, Sada Sat Singh, fulfills your dream of creating an incredibly welcoming, sacred place for anyone who seeks and wants to walk the path of his soul.