Фаза на края

Phase of Ending

What was your life like before - before your marriage fell apart, before the death of your husband or life partner, before your career path changes, before you moved in a foreign country, before life in social isolation, before life in lockdown...?
What did you feel when you realized that?
How did you feel about yourself in that moment?
What did you do in order to get over these unbearable emotions?
What helped you go through that period?

Some useful tips that will get you through that period:
  • Nature
"As a little girl, a young lady even, whenever I felt down, unhappy, opressed, I went to the nearest forest. I grew up in a town surrounded by a beautiful mountain with tall pines. To be surrounded by nature and sitting on my favourite lawn helped me get back to my true self and got me the energy that I needed. I was practicaly recharging and felt so empowered afterwards."
Plan making
Make a plan! Stay disciplined - change your diet, get rid of toxic relationships and habits. If we work very hard and we're serious about it, everything that we've been procrastinating - for years  even, can result in great success!
  • Tune in
"Ask and it will be given to you!" The law of attraction - when you have a purpose, say it out loud, listen to the words coming out of your mouth... this is when your soul tunes in and the universe starts guiding you.
  • Flexibility
We sugges you read this very useful article by Dorian Baroni, (an Executive Coach, Leadership Retreats Designer, and founder of Women Leadership Program www.womenagentsofchange.com) which will give you guidelines and practical advices on how to cope with tough moments and build up a creative resistance.
Take yoga classes and meditate - check out another of our blog project that we created years ago deeply inspired by the process of stepping into an entirely New Era - of Transformations and realization.
  • Mark the end
Very often we don't seem to quite realize that we tend to celebrate only new beginnings - the transformation from a girl to a woman, getting a diploma, getting married and so on. "I recall a  conversation I had with my sister many years ago about a friend of hers that recently got divorced and was basically an emotional trainwreck. My sister shared her confusion on how people celebrate  moments of new beginnings - they write vows, have church rituals - but never mark solemnly the moments when something has come to an end. Like, let's say, seperation from a partner who you're no longer inloved with but have loved for many years." It's vital to always mark the end of such important stages, with our closest friends or by ourselves, with certain rituals. In her book  'Endings and Beginning' Barbara Cecil, who I know personally and greatly admire, gives the perfect example of "celebrating" the end of a relationship (page 51). Barbara has helped thousands of women become the leaders of change in their lives, you can find her book HERE.
Exercise: Check if you are at this stage:

How are you feeling?

  • Lonely
  • Scared
  • Vulnarable
  • Insecure
  • Needless
  • Unstable
  • Unprotected
  • Worried
  • Depressed