CIYO: Coming Into Your Own

Burcu Çakın
Jul 14, 2022


For women making changes In their lives, in their leadership, and in the world

10-13 November 2022
Ribaritsa, Bulgaria

Coming Into Your Own is a personal leadership development program for women, who are interested in engaging in the process of reflection, exploration, and regeneration.

The 3-and a half day face-to-face workshop in a retreat setting is the hub of a 3-month personal development experience for women, which starts with a one-on-one startup call and preparatory readings for reflection, and concludes with a post-workshop individualized coaching follow-up with a faculty guide, that reinforces insights gained, allows you to gauge your progress and helps you consider any further support that you may need to meet your identified goals.

Many women find that in the process of striving to succeed they have developed only part of who they are while leaving vital aspects of themselves behind or reporting feeling empty, burned out, or invisible despite significant achievements. We have found ways to help you access your reservoir of presence and to bring forward a fuller expression of yourself. We will guide you in mastering the relationship between inner dynamics and work/life challenges.

Our approach deliberately works with the whole individual – the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of each woman – to encourage the introspection that we think is critical for our time. We combine the attention of one-on-one relationships with small group work and the transforming power of the circle. We focus on each woman’s individual journey, uncovering how she has navigated her life, and what her struggles and successes have been. We will work together to identify current and emerging challenges and support each woman in her aspirations and development. It is our hope that this work will contribute to addressing the fragmentation in the world, the barrenness in many of our workplaces, and the urge to live in a way that responds to the stresses of this era.

Coming Into Your Own personal development program is offered to women for 15 years throughout the US and Europe will be in Bulgaria for the 2nd time, after the 2014 introduction.

Please, book November 10-13, 2022 in your calendar for a transformational retreat in a beautiful setting in nature together with a group of very special women, like yourselves!

Coming into Your Own (CIYO) is a personal leadership development program for women who are interested in engaging in the process of reflection, exploration, and regeneration. Life challenges, juggling various hats (such as mother, wife, daughter, and working woman), and the desire to succeed in all, may have caused us to ignore some parts of ourselves and develop others. However, we can only feel fulfilled if we live as a whole: nurturing our mind, body, and spirit. The flowing female energy is not only the natural energy that we need to express to feel whole, but it is also what the universe needs for balance and harmony.

If you are interested in learning more about your uniqueness as a woman, and how you can bring your whole self into all aspects of your life and deal more fully with life challenges, this program is for you. This program is result-oriented; not only does it create new awareness in participants, but it also ties this insight back to our professional and personal lives. Women will find the thread of their own life calling and take concrete steps into the future on their unique path.

The 3-day retreat program will be led by Burcu Yalman, a Faculty member, and me as an Associate Faculty. The language of the program will be English. There will be 2 half an hour individual coaching tele-sessions, the first one prior to the retreat and the second - 1 month following the retreat.

Some of the questions we address regularly from women all over the world are:
How can I fully discover my authentic self and live it in all my roles?
How can I access my wholeness and express it in my leadership?
How can I speak my authentic leadership ‘voice’ and stand in my true stature?
How can I find and maintain a work/home/spiritual life balance?
How can I balance my heart-mind and brain-mind?
How can I utilize my feelings and emotions as strengths for impactful leadership?
How can I focus more on life-birthing and growing thoughts and let go of any limiting thoughts, beliefs, biases, and judgments?
How can I draw boundaries in my relationships for the well-being of the whole?
What is most meaningful for me? What meaning do I want to create and how?

How do I build healthy working environments where we can all contribute and flourish in the ways we are truly meant to?
How do I manage my relationships effectively and show up skillfully and clearly in challenging conversations?
How do I bring about positive change in a skillful and systemic way?

The world is undergoing a transformation from a fear-based to a love-based structure. We, as women who raise and shape the future of our world, have a more significant role than ever during this transformation period. In order to spread love, which is the essence of our being, we surely need to release our own fears first. It is my sincere opinion that CIYO will be a crucial contributor to this process.

For more details about the Global CIYO program, you will find HERE.

Program time and location:
10.11.2022 – 13.11.2022
St. Ekaterina Hotel, Ribaritsa

REGISTER NOW for November 13th, 2022 for a transformational CIYO retreat at a beautiful setting in the Bulgarian nature together with a group of extraordinary women, like yourselves at:

(+359) 876 17 34 34 or (+359) 888 777814

Deadline for signing in and 100 Euro deposit payment: 28/10/2022

The prices are specially adapted for Bulgaria and include the following:

  • 3 days program in English, all related materials, before the program preparatory call and readings, and a follow-up online session with one of the Program guides
  • 3 nights of hotel accommodation in the Retreat hotel, all meals are included (breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and all coffee breaks) in the following options:

In a double (shared) room for the whole stay (3 nights and all meals): 590 Euro per person

In a single room for the whole stay (3 nights and all meals): 630 Euro per person

Due to the specifics of the program, the number of participants is limited, the workshop is done in small groups and enrolment is until the optimal number is filled.

For details, prices, and how to register you can contact us at: 

Burcu Çakın
Burcu describes her life purpose as facilitating inner change and transformation to live a more authentic life. Navigating through various roles at home and at work, in different phases of her life journey, such as investment banker, working mother, housewife, entrepreneur, coach and facilitator, and single parent, she is now aware of her key role: "mind-shifter" and "heart-opener".
With over 3,500 hours of coaching, Burcu is an ICF-certified master coach (MCC) working primarily as an Executive Coach and an organizational relationship systems coach (ORSC) with leaders and leadership teams. As a faculty leader in Adler Coaching School, Burcu trains, mentors, and supervises new professional coaches. Furthermore, as a Senior Associate at Pluribus, a global company focusing on diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias, and inclusive leadership she designs and facilitates awareness-raising programs on DE&I and unconscious biases.
From a feeling of mission and life purpose, Burcu carries out programs on women’s leadership and empowerment, such as "Feminine Leadership in Action" that she offers to corporations for their women managers. She is a global faculty leader for "Coming Into Your Own", a leadership program offered to women globally for over 25 years. Furthermore, as a certified Council Guide, Burcu explores and disseminates earth-based teaching and traditions of Native Americans, namely Medicine Wheels of Delicate Lodge.
Burcu holds a BA in Business Administration from Bosphorus University and an MBA from George Washington University. She is a mother of two young adults, whom she says, are her significant teachers in life. To honor her values of freedom, exploration, and connection, Burcu enjoys spending time in nature, on the sea, in her women's circles, or in her inner world.