Cécile Masson

Author, Coach and facilitator
Cécile is the author of the epistolary novel Rose, letters of love to life, that invites the reader to ponder on spiritual practices, the presence of human kind in nature and to slow down to reclaim the sense of our sensing.
An independent consultant since two decades, she dedicates her energy to bringing harmony and mutual understanding to strengthen cooperation and co-creation. She supports leaders and their teams to unfold their potential for a (working) life in harmony by being more connected to themselves. She invites them to dare including the intelligence of the heart in all conversations.
Cécile is a polyglot, an mBIT coach & trainer, a new emerging field that weaves neuroscience with old wisdom traditions, and holds a BAH in English Literature and Communication. In the last years, she held a learn- and sharing circle for female government executives across political parties in The Netherlands and has the great pleasure to be working with Pluribus Europe as a Senior Associate. As a faculty member and mentor of "Coming Into Your Own", she holds women's leadership retreats in the local language in several European Countries.
Cécile Masson was born in Zürich, Switzerland and settled in The Netherlands after having lived and worked in various European countries. She is a mother of two grown-up children and gets inspiration from nature and the Arts. Her passion is unfolding potential for a life in harmony.
Cecile Maisone